⚠️Data Update Policy

Before using this site, please make sure that you note the following important information.

TokenUnlocks is dedicated to providing the most accurate token unlocks data. To maintain the integrity of our data, we adhere to the following policies for any inconsistencies that may occur:

  1. Project Team Notification: Any “big unlocks”, defined as those involving over $5 million worth of tokens, our team will reach out to the project team 1 month prior to the unlock date for verification.

  2. Advance Notice: Project Teams are to provide any updated information or data source regarding token unlocks at least 14 days prior to the scheduled unlock date displayed on TokenUnlocks. This policy is in place to protect our users from last-minute data alterations that could lead to price or data manipulation.

2.1 Note: TokenUnlocks will require approximately 2-3 business days to verify and make the required changes.

  1. Private Source: Short Notice Updates: TokenUnlocks will not make updates on short notice, specifically for any changes sourced privately by the project team within a specified 14 days period prior to the token upcoming unlock date displayed on TokenUnlocks.

3.1 Note: Privately sourced short noticed update will be pushed to 7-14 days post-unlock date to align with newly acquired data in order to avoid data manipulation during volatile period.

  1. New Public Source: Short Notice Updates: In a case where newly available public information is published from project/ team TokenUnlocks will adjust the unlock date as soon as possible regardless of unlocks date. Refer to point 2.1 for expected update time.

  2. Existing Source Data Discrepancies: In a case where data discrepancies are identified from TokenUnlocks data, TokenUnlocks will immediately update the data as soon as possible regardless of unlocks date given that the data does not fall under point 6 of ambiguous data. Refer to point 2.1 for expected update time.

  3. Ambiguous Data: In a case where ambiguous data is identified, referring to ballpark dates, complex release schedule, or unclear unlock methodology, and is not clarified from the team before 14 days prior to the TokenUnlocks scheduled unlock date window, TokenUnlocks will not make any changes until after specified unlock date. Refer to point 3.1 for post-unlocks update timeframe.

6.1 In the case where existing data provided is identified as ambiguous but is notified before the 14 days window prior to TokenUnlocks scheduled unlock date, TokenUnlocks will require clarifications from the project team in order to make the changes ASAP.

6.2 TokenUnlocks may require project team to post a co-public post clarifying the changes to the community in certain cases where reason provided to community is initially unclear.

  1. Small Unlocks: Small unlocks, referring to unlocks valued less than $5 million worth of tokens, TokenUnlocks will make updates as soon as the inaccuracy has been identified.

  2. Ultimate Decision: TokenUnlocks holds the ultimate discretion in verifying and performing data modifications.

We urge all projects and teams to review and comply with these policies to facilitate smooth and accurate updates to token unlock data on our platform.

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