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Our main dashboard includes general upcoming events (Cliff Unlocks Next 7 Days, Linear Unlocks Per Day). List of all tokens that we are tracking, as well as relevant launchpad tokens.

Last Update : 4 July 2023

Highlight Section

This section contains key weekly data points. You have the option to disable this section if it's not needed.

  • Cliff Unlocks Next 7 Days: This indicates the cumulative dollar amount of cliff unlocks within the next 7 days.

  • Linear Unlock per day: This indicates the average daily token released from linear unlocks and total token issuance in dollar amount.

  • Recently Added: Shows the four newest tokens that have been added to the TokenUnlocks dashboard.

Tokens Section

Detailed information about each token can be found in this section:

  • Project logo / Ticker: The project logo and ticker symbol of the token.

  • Current Price: The current token's price.

  • 1D Change: Calculated as((last_24hrs_price - current_price)/ last_24hrs_price)) * 100

  • Market Cap: Calculated as circulating_supply(coingecko) * current_price

  • Circulating Supply: The number of tokens currently circulating in the market. Derived from CoinGecko.

  • Total Unlocked (%): The ratio of tokens already unlocked, calculated as (unlocked_token / max_supply) * 100

  • Upcoming Unlock: Details about the next unlock, including its type, value, percent, and schedule.

    • Type: Represented by different icons, the unlock could be a Cliff unlocks, and Linear unlocks/Token Issuance.

    Cliff Unlocks
    Linear Unlocks / Token Issuance
    • Value: Calculated as unlocks_token * current_price

    • Percent of circulating supply: This metric represents the proportion of upcoming amount of token unlocks relative to the circulating supply, displayed as a percentage.

    • The countdown schedule of token unlocks based on the whitepaper or onchain timestamp

      Cliff unlocks’ countdown shows the remaining time until cliff unlocks occur

      Linear unlocks’ countdown shows the remaining time until the linearly unlocks rate will be updated to new linear rate

  • Next 7D emission: This metric includes the cumulative token count from Cliff Unlocks, Linear Unlocks, and Token Issuance scheduled for the next seven days.

  • Trending Tokens: This displays the top five tokens most frequently searched on TokenUnlocks.

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