↗️Token Emission

Token emission provides insights into the historical and future token emission, enable you to summarize inflation and deflation amounts and be able to compare across many tokens.

Emission refers to the net sum of inflation and deflation. We aggregated all cliff and linear unlocks for inflation supply and represent the proportionally in a bar chart. Additionally, we break down each type of unlock to provide detailed information on each allocation, including amount, value, and the percentage of unlocked supply in circulation. For future emission, we provide the data for 1D, 7D for free users. And 1M, 6M, and 1Y for Pro users.

To investigate historical emission, you can find detailed information in the 'All' section, covering emission from the Token Generation Event (TGE) to the present day.

Deflation refers to a decrease in the amount of unlocked supply. In which we only display historical deflation for some tokens that we track with a burning mechanism.

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