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Unlocks AI is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 model, specifically fine-tuned for unlock data. Simply ask Unlocks AI unlock-related questions such as 'Apecoin next unlock' or 'Give me a list of SUI unlocks,' and it will provide you with the information. You can also compare tokens by asking questions like 'Compare AXS unlock with APE,' extending the platform's capabilities by allowing easy comparisons of unlocks among tokens without the need for multiple screens.

While Unlocks AI represents a breakthrough in user experience, it is still in its early stages. It may occasionally struggle to comprehend certain queries, and since the data is updated daily, some intraday queries may be inaccurate. We encourage you to upvote responses that provide value and downvote bizarre responses, which will help us improve Unlocks AI and better serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the objective of Unlocks AI? A: Unlocks AI's main goal is to make tokenomics data analysis quicker and easier. It provides immediate answers to common questions, speeds up the process of gaining insights, and simplifies complex information. Simply stated, it is your guide through the complex tokenomics landscape.

Q: When can I ask more questions? A: The limit gets reset at midnight UTC time.

Q: How do I extend my message limit? A: Currently, we do not support extending the message limit for individuals, but if it’s required for your use case, please reach out to us at support@daosurv.com

Q: Did the Unlocks AI update its data? A: Unlocks AI refreshes its data daily. Every day at 0:00 UTC, the data is updated to ensure you have the most current information.

Q: Have another question? A: We would love to help ; just email us at support@daosurv.com

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