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DaoSurv team

DAOSURV is one of the winners at DAOHACKS, a Hackathon hosted by ETHGlobal. DAOSURV builds data analytics tools and Token Unlocks, a data analytics dashboard for tokenomics. Our aim is to solve unstructured and fragmented token data, to track dynamic on-chain changes in tokenomics, and mitigate the need for trust and transparency for protocols, DAOs, or any other Web3 projects.


We believe that transparency and accessibility are the keys to long-term success for DAOs, DeFi, and Web3 projects. We want to help users, investors, and project owners connect fast with our structured and insightful tokenomics data.


We want to see the Web3 community and the whole crypto space sustain themselves long-term as they focus on being transparent to all stakeholders.

  • We believe that transparency is the key to sustainable growth.

  • We believe that structured, transparent, and dynamic data provide better understanding between all stakeholders.

Origin of DAOSURV Name

DAO is the future of how we work. We create data tools to make the inner workings of DAOs more visible and accessible to the outer world.

SURVeillance - How DAOs operate, how their tokenomics works, how they move funds

SURVey - The governance and public sentiment, what are people's thoughts about externally

SURVive longterm - Being transparent will make sustainable success longterm

These three elements are the SURVs we focus for DAO, hence DAOSURV

Learn more: https://www.daosurv.com/

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