What is TokenUnlocks?

TokenUnlocks is a Data Analytics dashboard platform for both on-chain and off-chain data, enabling users to monitor vested tokens and notify them of upcoming unlock events.

Where does the token price come from?

We extract the price from Coingecko's API.

Why are the circulating supply and unlocked supply not equal?

The circulating supply is from Coingecko. It is based on the supply that is liquid. For the unlocked supply, it is the number of tokens that are unlocked - which are claimed or not claimed. For example, if 100 $XYZ are unlocked, and the owner has not claimed, it will not be added to the circulating supply.

Why the tokenUnlocks occur and the price or the token is not move ?

When TokenUnlocks happen, benefitciary can finally claim their tokens after a certain amount of time. But this doesn't always mean the token price will move. The price is influenced by things like how many people want to buy or sell the tokens, and how they feel about the market in general. So the price might stay the same even after TokenUnlocks, but more tokens being claimed could eventually put pressure on the price.

What is the difference between the yellow and green icons?

The yellow icon means that the token vesting data are based on the protocol's whitepaper. For the green icon, it means that the token vesting data are based on the on-chain investigation.

What is the difference between Cliff and Linear unlocks?

Cliff Unlocks - Tokens are held in a locked state until a specific event or date occurs, after which they will all be released at once Linear Unlocks - Tokens are released at a steady, fixed rate over a period of time. For example, if 30% of tokens are set to be unlocked within a month. Then roughly the token will be releasing 1% per day, or in some cases, it will be releasing every x% per transaction block if they are vested in a smart contract

What is DAOSURV?

DAOSURV is a company that builds Token Unlocks.

What timezone does TokenUnlocks use on the product?

TokenUnlocks displays the timezone based on the local timezone of the user's computer. This allows for maximum convenience and accuracy for users around the world.

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