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More Unlocks Events:

Pro users have expanded access to information about previous and following events compared to general users. This enhanced access provides them with more comprehensive insights.
  • Previous Event: Information about previous unlock events for the last two events.
  • Following Event: Information about future unlock events for the next three events.

Advance Charting

Analyze price impacts, conduct in-depth tokenomics research, and see where the future of token unlocks might lead, all on a single, easy-to-read chart
Vesting Schedule with Price Chart & Claimed Chart
  • Price Chart: This feature provides a comparative view of the token's price alongside the vesting schedule over the same timeframe. It offers deeper insights into potential price impacts related to unlocking events.
  • Claimed Chart: This feature presents on-chain data regarding unlock activities when beneficiaries claim their respective portions of vested tokens. It enables users to understand the actual unlock behavior of various parties involved.
  • Non-Cumulative Chart: This feature provides a clear visualization of unlock amounts within specific time frames. You can analyze unlocks on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis for each allocation, simplifying the process of unlocking analysis.
Vesting Schedule with Price Chart & Non-Cumulative Chart

Unlocked and claimed actions

Cut through the noise and get to the heart of unlock behavior and get insights faster than anyone with our detailed on-chain data

Features on TokenUnlocks Pro are coming shortly. 🕵🏻

Dynamic on-chain behaviors: COMING SOON
Advanced Filter: COMING SOON
Personalized Dashboard: COMING SOON

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