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TokenUnlocks allows you to access tokenomics and vesting schedule data for various tokens. Our mission is to bring transparency through tokenomics data and democratize it for everyone. Furthermore, we aim to empower you with deeper insights from on-chain and off-chain data, to save your time and equip you with simplified and comprehensive tokenomics insights. TokenUnlocks Pro offers a variety of advanced tools and deeper analysis for our users: Pro charts, more data on token emission and unlock events, and UnlocksAI.

Token Emission

Token emission provides insights into the historical and future token emission, enable you to summarize inflation and deflation amounts and be able to compare across many tokens.

Emission refers to the net sum of inflation and deflation. We aggregated all cliff and linear unlocks for inflation supply and represent the proportionally in a bar chart. Additionally, we break down each type of unlock to provide detailed information on each allocation, including amount, value, and the percentage of unlocked supply in circulation. For future emission, we provide the data for 1D, 7D for free users. And 1M, 6M, and 1Y for Pro users.

To investigate historical emission, you can find detailed information in the 'All' section, covering emission from the Token Generation Event (TGE) to the present day.

Deflation refers to a decrease in the amount of unlocked supply. In which we only display historical deflation for some tokens that we track with a burning mechanism.

Standard Allocation

A TokenUnlocks' Tokenomics standard for easy understanding and cross-project comparison of token allocations. Grouping different names of allocations from various tokens into an easy-to-understand category

Pro Chart

Our chart provide information on unlocked supply over time, starting from the TGE date and extending into the future. TokenUnlocks Pro offers deeper insights into each unlock event with more metrics and a simplified view for a better and easier analysis.

Simplified Unlocks - Display unlocks as selected timeframe

The chart displays unlocked supply as a stacked bar chart per a chosen time frame. Color-coded bars break down the allocations of the specific unlocks. You can adjust the timeframe (day/week/month) to aggregate unlock amounts within different timeframes, making it easier to identify significant unlock events.

Price Analysis

You can overlay price data into the chart, allowing you to analyze historical price changes and its behavior when unlock happened.

Tips: Use Price analysis and Simplified Unlocks feature together for a better understanding of unlock events.

Post-Unlock Tracking

Following unlock events, unlocked supply moves from stakeholder wallets to the circulating supply. We continuously track and update on-chain movements on a daily basis. You can see a line indicating the amount of tokens that have been claimed or moved out of stakeholder wallets, essentially representing the actual amount that enters circulating supply.

Tips: You can remove the vesting schedule chart view for easier comprehension.

More Unlock Events

As unlock event frequently occurs in the crypto space, we provide countdowns for upcoming events and its details on every events, including cliff unlocks and rate changes for linear unlocks. We provide more list of Unlock events for Pro users, you can anticipate the two upcoming events after upcoming unlocks and review the two previous events before upcoming ones. This feature empowers Pro users to prepare for sudden changes in unlock supply.

Unlocks AI

Unlocks AI is powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 model, specifically fine-tuned for unlock data. Simply ask Unlocks AI unlock-related questions such as 'Apecoin next unlock' or 'Give me a list of SUI unlocks,' and it will provide you with the information. You can also compare tokens by asking questions like 'Compare AXS unlock with APE,' extending the platform's capabilities by allowing easy comparisons of unlocks among tokens without the need for multiple screens.

While Unlocks AI represents a breakthrough in user experience, it is still in its early stages. It may occasionally struggle to comprehend certain queries, and since the data is updated daily, some intraday queries may be inaccurate. We encourage you to upvote responses that provide value and downvote bizarre responses, which will help us improve Unlocks AI and better serve you.

Priority Service

For a seamless experience, we invite our pro users to join our Exclusive Telegram group. You will have direct contact with our data and product teams, as well as priority customer support.

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