📐Cliff, Linear, and Emission

Clarify an unlocks types in deatail

  1. Cliff Unlocks: Refers to tokens set to unlock on a schedule that's more periodic than daily, such as weekly, monthly, or yearly.

  • Countdown Clock for Cliff Unlocks: This timer shows the time remaining until the next Cliff Unlock occurs.

  • Value for Cliff Unlocks: This displays the value of tokens set to unlock when the countdown reaches zero.

Note: Tokens vesting linearly every month are categorized as Cliff Unlocks (Unlock once a month = Monthly Cliff Unlocks for our Standard)

  1. Linear Unlocks: Defined by TokenUnlocks as tokens that are due to be released daily at specific amounts.

  • Countdown Clock for Linear Unlocks: This timer indicates the time remaining until the linear unlock rate changes.

  • Amount per day for Linear Unlocks: This shows the upcoming daily unlock amount once the countdown ends. Additionally, we display the percentage of change from the previous rate and provide a breakdown of the details explaining why it changed.

  1. Emission: Defined by TokenUnlocks as the net sum of token inflation and deflation.

  • Inflation: Refers to the number of new tokens issued within a specific period.

  • Deflation: Represents the number of tokens decreased due to burn mechanism.

We provide the total number of tokens emitted from the Token Generation Event (TGE) until today for "All". This data shows the historical amount of inflation and deflation. Additionally, we display the projected token emission for different time periods: 1 day, 7 days, 1 month (next 30 days), 6 months (next 180 days), and 1 year (next 365 days). Please note that for future emission, we do not include deflation in the calculation. When hovering over the bar chart or the amount of unlock, you can see the breakdown of the allocation for each type of unlocks.

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