🎯Precision & Assumption

Ensuring transparency in TokenUnlocks data.

At TokenUnlocks, our commitment is to deliver the most accurate and reliable information, empowering our users with knowledge while upholding clear, transparent interactions with both project teams and our community. This commitment to integrity and trust is foundational, prompting the introduction of β€˜Precision & Assumption’.

The nature of crypto grants projects the flexibility to report their vesting schedules without any standardized enforcement, which while embodying the spirit of decentralization, can also breed confusion and uncertainty. To manage their vesting schedules, projects often employ mechanisms such as multi-signatures, smart contracts, or a combination of both. Each method provides different levels of precision in unlocking tokens, which can vary widely across instances.

Comprehensive vesting data sometimes requires the aggregation of information from multiple sources. For instance, specific allocation details might be disclosed through public announcements, whereas other elements might need verification directly on the blockchain. Despite these challenges, our approach remains consistent across all projects, ensuring fairness and comparability. With β€˜Precision & Assumption’, our goal is to minimize these ambiguities and enhance transparency, giving control and clarity back to our users.

With the introduction of the β€œPrecision & Assumption”, users are equipped to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of vesting schedules. This enhances users to conduct a more thorough research and make well-informed decisions with greater confidence and clarity.

Below, we provide a detailed explanation of the terminology utilized within this framework.


The term β€œAssumption” refers to the methodologies employed to transform raw data from sources such as whitepaper or on-chain transactions into the user-friendly vesting charts displayed on our website.

To illustrate, when a project indicates a β€œMonthly vesting after TGE” schedule, we identify the TGE date and presume subsequent unlocks occur on the same day of each following month.

While we strive to confirm these details through on-chain verification whenever possible, we want to ensure that this assumption is also communicated clearly to our users.

Public Project Data & On-chain Verified

A vesting schedule has been announced by the project and TokenUnlocks verified it on chain.

Public Project Data

A vesting schedule that has been announced by the project publicly.

Vesting Contract

A vesting schedule that has been defined as a scheduled time lock in a smart contract.

Private Project Data

A vesting schedule that has been confirmed by project team privately.

(ie. the data may be provided through private channels in Telegram)

Inferred On-chain

A vesting schedule interpreted by the TokenUnlocks team from on-chain behavior in situations where there is ambiguity or incomplete information regarding unlocks data.


The concept of β€œPrecision” is crucial for assessing the accuracy and detail of reported unlock times. Some projects specify vesting schedules broadly by month, post-TGE, without pinpointing exact unlock dates; this general timeframe necessitates estimations rather than precise dates.

Conversely, other projects that offer detailed schedules or utilize vesting contracts to manage distributions, allows us to provide an exact unlock dates. Understanding precision helps users gauge the reliability of the vesting schedule data and the level of detail provided by different protocols.


The unlock could occur anytime within the labeled month.

(ie. If the next unlock event indicates 15th May this would mean that it can be unlocked anytime between 1st - 31st May.)


The unlock could occur approximately +- 3 days or within the week of indicated unlock date.

(ie. If the next unlock event shows 15th May, it can be unlocked anytime between 12th - 18th May)


The unlock could occur anytime that day.


The unlock could occur anytime that hour.


The unlock time is derived from block number and will updated every four hours on site.


The unlock time will occur precisely that second.

To be Determined

The unlock time has not yet been assigned a specific release timing. The token will be released when certain conditions are fulfilled. For more details, please refer to the TBD page.

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To understand how TokenUnlocks update data discrepancies and tokenomics updates please visit Data Update Policy page.

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