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What is TokenUnlocks Pro?

TokenUnlocks Pro is a powerful upgrade to the Free dashboard designed to provide enhanced comprehensive insights for professional analysts, traders, and project team. By using TokenUnlocks Pro, you will save hours of research and gain unmatched insights into sophisticated tokenomics in an easily digestible format.

Benefits of Using TokenUnlocks Pro

A. Empowered Decision-Making

TokenUnlocks Pro provides detailed and transparent data on token emissions, unlock events, and price correlations, empowering users with fundamental insights into tokenomics. Understanding when and how tokens will enter the market helps in predicting trends and managing risk effectively.

B. Time Efficiency

The platform's simplified and aggregated data views save users significant time. Instead of manually tracking and analyzing data from multiple sources, TokenUnlocks Pro presents everything in a coherent and easily digestible format.

C. Standardized Transparent Data

Transparency is crucial in the cryptocurrency space. TokenUnlocks Pro's detailed analysis and clear visualizations of tokenomics data help build trust and provide clarity to users.

D. Strategic Planning

With access to extended unlock event data and advanced charting tools, users can better anticipate market movements and plan their strategies accordingly. The ability to track post-unlock token movements further aids in understanding the real impact of these events on circulating supply.

TokenUnlocks Pro is more than just a data platform; it's a comprehensive tool designed to bring transparency and insight into complex tokenomics data. Whether you are an investor looking to make informed decisions or a project developer needing detailed data analysis, TokenUnlocks Pro offers the advanced features and transparency required to navigate the space successfully.

Key Features of TokenUnlocks Pro

1. Advanced Token Emission Analysis

Token emission data is critical for understanding the supply dynamics of a token. TokenUnlocks Pro offers detailed insights into both historical and future token emissions. Here's what you can expect:

  • Historical Emission Data: Analyze token emission from the Token Generation Event (TGE) to the present day. This includes detailed breakdowns of cliff and linear unlocks, highlighting the inflation supply.

  • Future Emission Projections: Understand potential inflation and deflation of circulating supply with access to projections for future emissions, available in detailed time frames (1D, 7D for free users, and 1M, 6M, 1Y for Pro users).

2. Standard Allocation

Tokens and projects typically feature a variety of allocations, with some possessing over ten allocations due to the absence of standardized naming conventions.

TokenUnlocks Pro introduces a standardized approach to categorize token allocations, making it easier to compare different projects. By grouping various allocation names into simple, understandable categories, users can quickly grasp and compare the distributed allocations.

3. Pro Charts for Deeper Insights

Pro Chart is designed for users seeking detailed analysis of unlock dates and allocations:

  • Simplified Unlocks View: Display unlocked supply over a chosen time frame using color-coded, stacked bar charts. This helps identify significant unlock events at a glance.

  • Price Analysis Integration: Overlay historical price data onto unlock charts to study the correlation between price movements and unlock events.

  • Post-Unlock Tracking: Monitor the movement of unlocked tokens into the circulating supply, offering a clear view of the actual impact of unlock events.

4. Comprehensive Unlock Event Tracking

Stay ahead of the market with detailed tracking of upcoming unlock events:

  • Event Countdowns: Access countdowns for upcoming unlock events, including cliff unlocks and rate changes for linear unlocks.

  • Extended Event List: Pro users can view additional upcoming and past unlock events, allowing for better preparation and strategic planning.

5. Post Unlocks Analysis

Token Unlocking is not the end of the story. Knowing that, TokenUnlocks Pro gives you a tracking for on-chain activities to identify token outflows from vesting addresses and visualize them in Post-Unlock Analysis.

  • Follow the trails: Track actual amount of new circulating supplies entering the market after unlock events happening.

6. Unlocks AI for Intelligent Queries

Unlocks AI, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4, is a groundbreaking feature that enhances user experience by providing intelligent responses to unlock-related queries:

  • Instant Information: Ask Unlocks AI about specific unlock events, such as "Arbitrum next unlock" or "Give me a list of $ARB unlocks," and receive immediate answers.

  • Comparative Analysis: Compare different tokens by querying Unlocks AI, e.g., "Compare $ARB unlock with $OP," without needing to manually cross-reference data.

6. Priority Service and Community Support

Pro users will have direct contact with our data and product teams, as well as priority customer support.

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